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I believe that when each of us moves past the stage of needing we can create an unstoppable collective of like-minded souls who by forming an alliance can create a sustainable and unstoppable force. One  that is similar to nature. This is the core of what I desire, the rest is just part of this never ending continuum of life.

Despite a list of accomplishments and achievements that warrant fame and public accolades, Brooks Braun remains out of the limelight by choice. He seeks no public attention, but when people discover him in their midst, a seismic boom of activation and enlightenment follows.

A renowned self-starter and creator, Brooks is working to advance and inspire all to be self-reliant, self-responsible, and selfless. His art and teachings span many mediums and have touched and reinvigorated the lives of thousands through one-on-one realignments that recalibrate the soul.

In his early teen years, he focused on developing critical life skills, where independence and self-reliance became key themes of development. Brooks had to bloom early with a strong foundation. In fact, ever since age 16, he lived alone and supported himself. His circumstances and interests since youth gave Brooks a strong will with a determination and drive to develop mechanical and design skills. Age 17 he began to study Eastern Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and started learning and teaching Karate.

Brooks studied horticulture in trade school and took interest in outdoor and indoor growing systems. including advanced programmable indoor growing operations from seed to package. After sensing a trend and a need to be prepared for future food production demands he immersed himself in what is now a real concern.

He also earned diplomas in Ortho Bionomy, various massage modalities and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Gaining training in advanced pain reduction techniques and emotional freedom techniques (EFT), including tapping, cupping, One Brain-dyslexia and repatterning strategies, he was able to assist part-time and professional athletes at Golds Gym with performance and sports-related injuries and nutrition.

In his early twenties he began his Spiritual studies whose teachings were based in meditation and contemplation, past lives, esoteric studies. Science and prophecy of Soul travel became deeply alluring to Brooks and that took him deeper as he began to make connections between the waking and sleep states of consciousness.

Throughout his thirties, he continued advanced studies in Ayurveda anti-aging, herbal preparations, aromatherapy and later became a certified instructor of cross-fiber massage, lymphatic drainage. Applying his knowledge of organic product creation, aromatherapy, herbology, constitutional analysis, diet modification, and lifestyle programs he then established a private practice based on these disciplines. As of 2021 and after helping more than 10,000 patients, many in a pro bono capacity, he decided for the first time to introduce others to his approach to wellbeing. But that wasn’t his only mission, for added adventure Brooks developed and built prototype organic and inert-based hydroponic systems, aeroponics, flood and drain, top feed, automated drip, and enclosed non-ventilated CO2 air conditioned systems for large-scale hydro and dirt beds, developed propagation/cloning protocols for high-volume fast-cycle plants, and full-spectrum seed-to-package operations sensing a trend and a need to be prepared for future food production demands.

School trades courses set the stage for investing his energy and creativity in a custom fabrication shop building high performance and custom mono-shock large cubic-inch Harley Davidsons, aluminum jet boats, and forced induction race cars. This led to personal interest and further research and application of programmable fuel mapping systems for high-performance engines and alternative power applications.

Brooks retired at age 45 and moved to Mexico to play guitar and study Quantic Medicine, Kundalini Yoga and QI Gong, and spent years mentoring with a brilliant and innovative Naturopathic, homeopathic physician learning all he could about Quantic Medicine. Years later they developed ground breaking electro homeopathic remedies using Radionics and traditional combinations of Chinese medicinal herbs.

Disease is the body’s way of communicating through symptomatic manifestations.

Physical and non physical disruptions begin as electrical , energetic and electronic aberrant frequencies which generate incoherence between our body systems. When we can eliminate or neutralize these “charges” miracles can happen.

Quantic principles not only explain the essence of life but does so in its universal language.

This is the language of energy and it’s essence is an absolute because it is mathematical and precise. 
The language of energy has always been a problem until now.

Mathematics is a language that allows us to bridge the invisible and unseen worlds into a linguistic framework and bring clarity to the ambiguous  world of energy.

Quantic Medicine can explain how traditional and ancient healing methods work and function and where their limitations exist.

Now we have a method with teachings that transcend all boarders, cultures and languages. One that is timeless.

We can now alter our present state of vitality and advance ourselves into the realms of what it is to be ”Super Human.”

But first we must move our awareness beyond the 5 senses and learn to activate and trust the Sixth sense and it’s gentle whispers through our heart, the home of intuition.

”When we respect and observe the intelligence that sustains all life on this planet, then align ourself and project our most virtuous intentions, then life will bless us with its perpetual abundance of blessings.

This is the state that allows us to experience being connected to source itself. It’s from this position we can fulfill all of our hearts desires.

– In Love and Light,
Brooks Braun

Sickness and suffering are evidence that our lifestyle is not working for us.

Profound healing takes place when we sustain the states of resonance, equilibrium and harmony. When this is achieved and maintained the individuals vibrational status can align with the creative source of life.

Intellect may harbor the tools of cognition but the Intelligence is knowing that the essence of creation is love.

Love perpetually demonstrates its abundance and communicates its truth with absolute precision. And if we consciously position ourselves in the present moment long enough it will offer us a view into the universal language of energy.

Quantum consciousness is about each of us designing lifestyle habits that reflect our unique and individualized expression.

We are all born from one universal body, and by aligning ourselves with other like minded souls we can create a “Unified Field” of love that transcends all human limitations. One where self responsibility, self reliance and self determination sets the stage of our new era.

By aligning ourselves with the essence of “what we are,” the “who we are” will be revealed and no longer will we feel alone, afraid or uncertain.
Welcome to the Quantum perspective.

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